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Updating Photographs

Busy updating main web site including tidying and adding photographs across all categories. Separated the Highlands category into Mull, Wester Ross and Sutherland. Click link below to view.


New Weeklywatch Page

New Weeklywatch Page now uploaded and working. Link here


Decided to combine Weeklywatch to my main Portfolio site on Adobe Portfolio pages. This will put all photo's and videos under one roof. Unfortunately took all afternoon to lay the foundation before I could start. Should finish the page tomorrow.


Website Update

Uploaded new variation of website. Starting to take shape but still some work to do including new page banners.

Saturday saw Sedgefield's Medieval Fayre taking place and due to the good weather there was a very good attendance, the best for some years. Quite a few photo's taken but not sorted as yet. Also a bit of excitement on Tuesday. A swarm of honey bees descended on our neighbours tree. Noise was unbelievable. Bees of Hardwick beekeepers attended and successfully captured the swarm.

Photo fro Medieval Fayre: wild birds conservation (Asian owl)



Starting to upload parts of the new website format including a new Home page. Hopefully during the week this will be finished. Weather is good, typical when I'm busy inside.


Working on upgrading website. Photo and news updates maybe a little slow over the next few days.

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