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Why is it the weathermen and weather app says the local area weather is above average, you walk out and reality is it's cold, breezy, grey and damp. Well, today is beyond the moody phase.

Beacon Lane, Sedgefield.


Wet again.

Continuing the theme of weather, it continues to be wet today. So far the morning is cloudy, drizzle, wet and not warm. Birds also continue to fly into the garden. This morning seen, wren, robin, dove, siskin, brambling, chaffinch, goldfinch and redpoll.


Misty again

Today is the 45th day of 2024. So far, yes it's still classed as winter, the weather has been extremely miserable. Mainly damp, at times heavy rain and if not the occasional bit of snow, it has been misty. Today it's misty.



First walk for a good few days. Four miles around Hardwick Park. No rain today although very wet ground following exceptional rain over the last few days. Slight increase in air temperature, possibly the reason why we have a heavy mist since last night, still hear late in the day.
Pic: Misty Hardwick Park


Wet & cold.

Cold, very wet but no snow. Snow forecast has not appeared although snow may have reached Derbyshire and others but not here. Teesside Park visited this morning and saw two redshanks: pic below.


Wet & Birds

Looking like a wet day. Constantly raining so far since getting up. Twelve siskin's on feeders first thing chased by 7 starlings. Resuming home flooring now for the week.


Storm Isha

A day after storm Isha and to my knowledge no damage of note here or in the area. Still breezy making it cold too, plus the odd light shower. Forecast for the next 48 hours includes another storm of significance. Hair cut, a walk down to Beacon Lane and sorted out BT contract.



Another freezing day. Bitterly cold walking round Teesside Park. Temperature improves tomorrow but now gale force winds are forecast for the weekend.



Another extremely cold day with the garden birds very busy eating keeping their energy up. Snow showers forecast this afternoon ……… we'll see.



An extremely cold day. Popped out for a quick walk this morning and I was frozen. Did not go far, just to East Park and back. The Drimnin film I feel is now complete but will leave it for a few days before uploading it.


Grey Day

It was extremely dark at 07:00 this morning even though mornings at present are supposed to be lighter. It has ended up been another grey, gloomy, drizzly and miserable day. Here, Teesside Park and even Hartlepool have grey skies. Role on Spring.



A Saturday morning walk this morning instead of the mandatory exercise. Cold though with frost in lying on soaked ground. Ice too on house & car roofs.


Gloomy Park

Teesside Park shops visited this morning. The place looked as gloomy as the weather. At least it was not busy.


Wet again

today Never seen the paths and fields so wet. In fact every day seems the water logged even more. Just glad we are not in the situation like the south of England or parts of Scotland experiencing flooding.



Well the good weather that looked promising for 2024 yesterday changed dramatically today. Wet, cloudy, cold and miserable. Apart from first thing when 10 goldfinches appeared the only other visitor was guess - yes, the Hoover woodpigeon.


Cold Week

The weather over the past week has and still is very cold. Today locally I've witnessed the first signs of very wet sleet appearing in the rain. Nothing serious, yet. Just the cold northerly breeze.



A very cold day walking this morning. Not sure if it was just the cold or the damp air even though it was very sunny. The bright weather did bring people out. The park at Hardwick was pretty busy.


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