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Another Wet Day

Another wet start to the day after heavy rain in the early hours and started again just before midday. Managed not to get too wet on a morning walk. Slighter drier afternoon.


Damp Cold Day.

With the weather poor again, in the Sedgefield & the NE, decided to have a relatively quiet day. Cold and very damp too. Looked, well mainly looked while trying to drive enthusiasm, to work on film and photographs without much luck. Did some learning instead.

Photo: one of many tracks on the Drimnin Estate, Lochaline.


Damp Walk

Very damp this morning after last nights rain. Continued on and off most of the but not as heavy allowing for hundreds of snails and various sized slugs to magically appear.
Photo: Brown-Lipped Snail

Very Warm Day

Another very warm and humid day. Very sticky. Decided this morning to go for my first walk to Hardwick since returning from Drimnin. Just outside home a juvenile sparrowhawk was finishing off a potential wood pigeon. Also, East Park has a now number of information boards, relating to a Roman Settlement on site.

Photo: Sparrowhawk.


Weather-Hardwick Live

Early walk round the perimeter of East Park this morning. Although forecast sunny and warm, it was cloudy, slight cool breeze but trying to be warmer. Surprised to see a decline in car numbers, attending Hardwick live, parked at East Park. Maybe due to last nights heavy rain but hopefully the attendance will increase throughout the day.



First time for a good few years I decided not to visit Sedgefield Annual Show yesterday. A number of reasons I will not go into, but looking over the field from the house it did not look as busy as it 's been. Could be wrong. The weather too in the afternoon did not help. Mostly cloudy and a number of showers. Yesterday morning spent in the back garden, while the weather was decent, the rest of the day and today spent fixing computer and cameras.

202307 EPark-8227


Another two days of good weather. Sunny, hot and dry. After a visit to Metro Ctr. A long drive back, having dinner at Derwent Reservoir and returning through Stanhope and Wallsingham.
Photo: Derwent Reservoir


Car & Good Weather

Well after ordering tyres on Friday & wondering if they would be fitted on Wednesday, on Saturday decided to go to Costco & managed to get them fitted by 13:00 Joy. Yesterday and today Monday plenty of good sunny weather and hot at times. Bliss.
Photo: Sunny East Park

Not Summer

Though the weather forecast said a warmer day and sun by midday, you guessed correctly, it was wrong. Again. Cold morning, cloudy and grey. Even Hardwick Park was relatively quiet.
Photo: East Park buttercups.


Tuesday Blues

Another cloudy day, at least the cloud is higher today. Cool too so it was fairly quiet out. Photo taken walk round East Park:


What happened ........

A completely different day from yesterday. From relatively very warm ,sunny weather (at least out of the breeze) to a cloudy, grey and cold day. Summer eh!


A decent sunny day, continuing from yesterday but with a cool breeze at times. Hardwick Park was quiet early on but busy by midday. Photos of the day ready tomorrow on Weeklywatch. A few damselflies too. Photo: Hawthorn blossom.


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