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Landscape, wildlife, nature and design, both digital and physical mediums.

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Keith Tennet

A landscape and wildlife photographer, videographer and advocate in both digital and physical art.

World Needs Art

Art as a medium, in all its facets and muses, make the world a happier and
more peaceful place to live.
Enjoy life, enjoy art
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Who Am I?

A Sunderland lad born in 1958. A Gas Service Technician before retiring early to concentrate on art. Subjects include still, film and digital art plus computers, web, design, physical art and print.

That's who I am.

"A good photograph is knowing where to stand."

Ansel Adams


For 2023 new pages have been uploaded including a new Portfolio. Photographs, videos, GIFs & designs are now grouped together all in one place. More photos, etc., are to be added weekly.
A Weeklywatch Page includes the odd weekly local news photo and video.
Hope you enjoy.
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Home Page Design

Home Page designed on Abbey's, Churches, medieval and Celtic designs, during the period when Celtic art was beginning to integrate with Catholic symbolism.
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