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A picture captures a memory forever.



A landscape and wildlife photographer, videographer and advocate in both digital and physical art.

Creating photographic prints, art and video films in both nature, landscape, wildlife and local interest.

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"Art as a medium, in all its facets and muses, make the world a happier and more peaceful place to live"
"A good photograph is where to stand"
Ansel Adams


New website for the Spring 2023 with revamped pages including a Portfolio. Photographs, videos, GIFs & designs are now grouped together all in one place. A Weeklywatch page includes local photographs and occasional video. Coming soon a Store and a Downloadable File Page.

Hope you enjoy.
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Covering nature, landscape and the occasional local information films. Includes planning, filming and editing plus where needed special effects are all handled here.
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The weekly Newswatch page covers photographs and the odd video of interest taken during the current weekt.
Like videography, I concentrate on nature and landscape photography although history, architecture and local news interests I also like to complete.
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Welcome to the News-Blog. Section covers a wide variation of information from the days weather to local information, ongoing projects and what's happening planned or not planned.


Coming soon during 2023 an Online Store and Downloads. Available for purchase will include framed and unframed prints, calendars and homeware items.

File downloads to include images and video.

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View the scene.

Evolve the thought.

Capture the moment.

Work on the production.

View the results.

Photograph, film, painting, sculpture, illustration, the process is the same.

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Designed by Keith Tennet

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Website made by Keith Tennet

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Designed by Keith Tennet. Uploaded to Ionos.
Website designed and built by Keith Tennet with Rapidweaver, Realmac Software and further apps from the RapidWeaver Community and uploaded to Ionos.

Always Changing
Whenever we can we try to keep the website up to date both with news and technology. We endeavour where we can and now and again the site format may adjust to accommodate.

Videos & Photo Files.
Coming soon to the website a number of video and photography files to download, some free others to buy. Keep coming to back for updates.
Newsletter Includes
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For general enquiries and information please fill in the contact form and I will reply to your enquiry.

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