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First walk for a good few days. Four miles around Hardwick Park. No rain today although very wet ground following exceptional rain over the last few days. Slight increase in air temperature, possibly the reason why we have a heavy mist since last night, still hear late in the day.
Pic: Misty Hardwick Park



A Saturday morning walk this morning instead of the mandatory exercise. Cold though with frost in lying on soaked ground. Ice too on house & car roofs.


Wet again

today Never seen the paths and fields so wet. In fact every day seems the water logged even more. Just glad we are not in the situation like the south of England or parts of Scotland experiencing flooding.


Walk & Sunny

Managed to go for a morning walk and it was sunny. Light was great for photos especially after the mist lifted. Ground was still extremely wet and therefore muddy but overall a decent walk this morning.
Photo: Hardwick Park



A very cold day walking this morning. Not sure if it was just the cold or the damp air even though it was very sunny. The bright weather did bring people out. The park at Hardwick was pretty busy.


Morning Walk

A fairly fresh morning, at times cold and cloudy then warmer when sun appeared. Damp making it feel colder and the ground still very wet underfoot. Hardwick Park busy first thing, which was unusual for the time and weather.
Photo: Dunnock


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