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Surprised this morning how many vehicles were still parked in East Park from the weekends Hardwick Live. In fact more cars still parked than on Saturday morning. At least the weather was good from Sunday and considerably brighter this morning.



Music heard from Hardwick Live till 22.30 last night. Started just before 11:00 this morning and luckily the weather is better than yesterday, especially for those attending.

Mostly dry, odd drizzle, practically non existent, slight breeze and bright. Temperature touching 20c.

Weather-Hardwick Live

Early walk round the perimeter of East Park this morning. Although forecast sunny and warm, it was cloudy, slight cool breeze but trying to be warmer. Surprised to see a decline in car numbers, attending Hardwick live, parked at East Park. Maybe due to last nights heavy rain but hopefully the attendance will increase throughout the day.



A decent sunny day, continuing from yesterday but with a cool breeze at times. Hardwick Park was quiet early on but busy by midday. Photos of the day ready tomorrow on Weeklywatch. A few damselflies too. Photo: Hawthorn blossom.


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