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Drimnin Film

Thinking applying effort to start the Drimnin film. It is about time I started at least formatting a structure of how the film will portray, at least I downloaded music from Pond5 yesterday, so a start.

Hardwick Park

Early walk round East Park and Hardwick Park this morning. Quiet, a bit damp and cold. The only walkers being dog walkers. No wind or rain yet.

Inverkirkaig Aug22-6281-Edit

Updating Photographs

Busy updating main web site including tidying and adding photographs across all categories. Separated the Highlands category into Mull, Wester Ross and Sutherland. Click link below to view.


Another Wet Day

Another wet start to the day after heavy rain in the early hours and started again just before midday. Managed not to get too wet on a morning walk. Slighter drier afternoon.


Damp Cold Day.

With the weather poor again, in the Sedgefield & the NE, decided to have a relatively quiet day. Cold and very damp too. Looked, well mainly looked while trying to drive enthusiasm, to work on film and photographs without much luck. Did some learning instead.

Photo: one of many tracks on the Drimnin Estate, Lochaline.


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