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After yesterday's heavy rain accompanied with thunder and lightening in the afternoon, this mornings weather started relatively good but then heavy showers came at 10:00. I ended a bit wet from coming back from my walk at Hardwick Park.


Busy birds

Both at home and over at Hardwick, the birds over the past few days are busy feeding and looking after their recent fledglings. At Hardwick there are plenty of young swans, geese, coots and moorhens while at home mainly the parents of blackbirds, blue and coal tits can be seen acting busy. Disappointing to see only a pair of swallows flying over East Park.



A couple of days of good weather disintegrates totally to now bad weather. At this present moment it has hardly stopped raining from early morning. Tomorrow looks the same while the bank holiday weekend looks iffy.

Last night I witnessed a passing Virgin hot air balloon flying over Hardwick Park, as soon from home.


Hardwick Morning

Weather was so so this morning. Not too cold, in fact surprisingly warm considering the mist, cloud and dampness. Took a different route to Hardwick by entering a so called 'Right of Way' opposite Sands Hall entrance. Not recommended. At Hardwick, maybe due to the greyness, it was not busy for a Friday. Did see another treecreeper but did not have my camera ready. Also prevalent were numbers of Canada Geese, very noisy, grey squirrel, coots, swans, but not many tits and finches.


Humid Walk

After 2-3 days of sun and heat the cloud appeared this morning after some overnight rain. Fairly warm though during the walk this morning and it was humid but by late morning, rain started to appear and cooler temperature. Afternoon was about the same. Photo: East Park


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