Alston -High Mill

Past few days I've worked on a promotion for High Mill, Art Hub in Alston. While editing it's also gave me the chance to learn even more. Click on link below:


Birds are Birds

Garden birds, like the park birds on Monday, are busy either fighting, pairing, making nests or feeding. Yesterday afternoon a male sparrowhawk visited the garden. That made the garden quiet for an hour or so. Photo: Male Sparrowhawk yesterday afternoon.


New Week

Midday on Friday visited High Mill, Alston. An 18th century property purchased by my friend and neighbour, that is going to go through a considerable amount of work. Eventually it will be a hub for artists and workshops. While there I took a number of photo's and video.
Today this morning, although Spring like but very cold, I stretched my legs and walked to Hardwick. Birds were seen in a process of pairing. Photo: swan's making a nest.


What happened?

Yet again, where has this week gone. Friday today but did we bypass the days Monday through Thursday? Unbelievable.


A quick walk this morning to the south side of East Park and back. Very strong breeze, cold at times but bright and sunny.

Plan this week was to work on online store but things have changed. Now continuing were left off last week with camera and stabiliser.