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Born, bred & living in the lovely county of Durham, England, while heart and mind lives in the beautiful and scenic Highlands & Islands of Scotland.


From an early age I have  been interested in art,  photography & technology, even when I started work as a service engineer in the gas industry.


My love for visual art continues to inspire me and I continue to learn and work on photography, videography, design, illustration and computers.


Throughout my working years in the gas industry I  managed to complete a number of projects including advertising material, the occasional film for both the tourist industry and NHS, prints and wedding videos.


Now I've decided to concentrate on this passion fully, although  many would say it never left,  creating projects in all aspects of visual art while still continuing to learn, explore and experiment with different methods.


Please get in touch for more information and advice, either for giving or receiving.


All the best, Keith


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 This site www. keithtennet.com is used for regular news, weekly photographs and information.

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The link to my  Portfolio site includes photographs, creative work, videos  and designs is below.

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Gascom Site

My gas service site is presently closed. Please click on the site below for more info:



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    Photographer, vidoegrapher, designer and computer junkie. Just a person who loves creative art .

    This web site includes weekly photo's & info., plus links to my Main Portfolio web site.