Alston -High Mill

Past few days I've worked on a promotion for High Mill, Art Hub in Alston. While editing it's also gave me the chance to learn even more. Click on link below:


New Week

Midday on Friday visited High Mill, Alston. An 18th century property purchased by my friend and neighbour, that is going to go through a considerable amount of work. Eventually it will be a hub for artists and workshops. While there I took a number of photo's and video.
Today this morning, although Spring like but very cold, I stretched my legs and walked to Hardwick. Birds were seen in a process of pairing. Photo: swan's making a nest.



A quick walk this morning to the south side of East Park and back. Very strong breeze, cold at times but bright and sunny.

Plan this week was to work on online store but things have changed. Now continuing were left off last week with camera and stabiliser.


Taking time learning how to utilise a nimble with my video camera. Slow, hard, frustrating but will not give in and will persist. At least I have managed to balanced the gamble with the camera. Surprised how heavy the combination is though. Will have to do some weight training.

After Effects

Spent the last three days work still, mostly learning Apps. Still have not finished Hardwick Matter film but well on the way. Spent an hour this afternoon doing something different , cleaning an old photo and converting to colour.

Image B&W - Colour


After Effects

Unfortunately too busy and forgetting to update daily News. Will try not to forget in the future.

Still working with After Effects while at the same time learning the program. Possibly, like all Adobe Apps, I will , along with the majority, never fully learn everything.


Messing About

Decided not to go out for a walk this morning. Aches from the other day so rather than force myself & not enjoy it, I decided to stay in. Although forecast was to be decent, wrong again, cool breeze & cloudy. Spent most of the day learning Adobe Apps. One result below - click to see GIF:


New Videos

Uploaded new Inverkirkaig video and an updated Inverkirkaig Timelapse video. Links below;


Film Editing

Continuing with the Inverkirkaig film footage. This film will, or hope to be, a quick test film, utilising the C70 camera footage and adding the 360R. Just to advertise the area and learn the tech at the same time.
Photo: Inverkirkaig

New Home Page

New Home Page has been improved and uploaded along with a new Portfolio. All photos, videos, designs, etc. are now all in one place and the weekly local Weeklywatch of photos and videos are on another page. Getting there. Only a shop page and keeping site up to date needs now to be done.

New Web Site

Well it maybe a new year but working on website still continues. One change is I do know how I want it and it is now taking shape including a new portfolio; now uploading items. Link here


Well it's the first day of winter so told and the temperature matches it. Unfortunately forecast looks even colder over the weekend. Regarding work, still editing Culag Woods film. On the final lap of the map I hope to insert.

November Garden Bird Count:


Spent most of today, affect most of this past week, trying to put together, whether manipulate software or download an app, a clickable media social card. All to no avail. Now suffering including a headache.

New Video Uploaded

New video uploaded - Hardwick Park Art - An Alternative View. Includes a number of photographs with 3D art added.
Links here: or


Decided, after returning from morning walk to Sainsbury's and Winterton, to do a bit of learning from all of the Adobe Tweets and Photo Tweets I have collected and not looked at over the last few months. Only over a hundred. It will keep me out of trouble.

Another Thursday

Teeside Park this morning and work, thinking mostly, this afternoon. Trying to motivate oneself but ideas today not becoming. Deciding to learn some tasks instead.
Photo: Canada Goose yesterday



A quick walk this morning to Winterton Church than Sainsbury's. Still damp but not cold. Rest of the day was supposed to be spent on the video but ended up catching up on the photos over the weekend and Monday. Below is the grey squirrel at Hardwick Park seen on Monday. Cute maybe but grey.