Decided today not to go for my morning walk. So, straight in at the deep end and plan a couple of video's; one of Hardwick Park, the second NW Highlands.

Photo: East Park Weather - similar to today.

Inverkirkaig Pics

Still working through the media collected during last weeks break to Inverkirkaig, NW Highlands. In fact I'm still tidying up the photographs and as yet not touched the video footage.

Photo: Lochinver Inverkirkaig road.

Starting to .........

………….. work on the photograph's and videos collected from last weeks working holiday in Inverkirkaig, Lochinver, NW Scotland. Should keep me out of trouble for a few weeks. After the long ride back home and the detours, due to accidents, we are still recovering.

Need another holiday.

Photo: road to Inverkirkaig.