Spent most of today, affect most of this past week, trying to put together, whether manipulate software or download an app, a clickable media social card. All to no avail. Now suffering including a headache.

New Video Uploaded

New video uploaded - Hardwick Park Art - An Alternative View. Includes a number of photographs with 3D art added.
Links here: or


Decided, after returning from morning walk to Sainsbury's and Winterton, to do a bit of learning from all of the Adobe Tweets and Photo Tweets I have collected and not looked at over the last few months. Only over a hundred. It will keep me out of trouble.

Another Thursday

Teeside Park this morning and work, thinking mostly, this afternoon. Trying to motivate oneself but ideas today not becoming. Deciding to learn some tasks instead.
Photo: Canada Goose yesterday



A quick walk this morning to Winterton Church than Sainsbury's. Still damp but not cold. Rest of the day was supposed to be spent on the video but ended up catching up on the photos over the weekend and Monday. Below is the grey squirrel at Hardwick Park seen on Monday. Cute maybe but grey.


Culag Woods Film

Still working with the Culag Woods film. Hopefully the film maybe finished by the end of the weekend.
Here, the weather today is warmish for the time of year, dull along feeling damp. Rain looking likely today.


After a number of starts on the Culag Wood video, I am eventually progressing to finish it. Most of the ground work now done, just graphics, titles, edit tidying, etc., to complete. In the meantime I have uploaded most of the photos taken at the same time on the Photowatch page.

Video Editing

Decided eventually to view and edit video footage shot at Inverkirkaig in August. Brighten up these dark days.
Thursday been Teesside Park day, while waiting for shopping to end I took a shot walk along the Old River Tees and spotted a Little Egret, brightening the day.



Decided today not to go for my morning walk. So, straight in at the deep end and plan a couple of video's; one of Hardwick Park, the second NW Highlands.

Photo: East Park Weather - similar to today.

Inverkirkaig Pics

Still working through the media collected during last weeks break to Inverkirkaig, NW Highlands. In fact I'm still tidying up the photographs and as yet not touched the video footage.

Photo: Lochinver Inverkirkaig road.

Starting to .........

………….. work on the photograph's and videos collected from last weeks working holiday in Inverkirkaig, Lochinver, NW Scotland. Should keep me out of trouble for a few weeks. After the long ride back home and the detours, due to accidents, we are still recovering.

Need another holiday.

Photo: road to Inverkirkaig.