New Video Uploaded

New video uploaded - Hardwick Park Art - An Alternative View. Includes a number of photographs with 3D art added.
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Old River Tees

Made time this morning while while at Teesside Park to take the odd snap of Old River Tees that runs parallel with the Park. It was at low tide today and the number of trolleys visible in the river seems to have increased. Shame.


Most of the time yesterday and today has been spent in the garden, although due to the increase in temperature by 15:00 I had to go indoors. It must be in the low 30's at the moment while the forecast for tomorrow indicates it my real 37C.

Buddleia flourishing now but butterfly numbers is very disappointing just the odd small white. Plenty of insects collecting pollen including honey bees and hoverflies.


Uploaded the Kirkaig Timelapse video this morning to Vimeo. A 8 hour night time period , just over 2 minutes long, during one of the longest days of the year.

Click here to view.