Quiter Day

Appointment at the hospital today so overall a quiet day. Popped to Seaton Carew near Hartlepool at dinner time for an hour or so. A little walk along promenade watching the white horses lash the sand. Cold and breezy too. Photo: Seaton Carew Beach.


Another rough week.

One of those weeks again when things don't go to plan. A few appointments at the doctors and other related issues but getting there. Manage to work on a video, experimenting, editing and learning while doing so. A bit more knowledgeable with Adobe AE and the result is here:

Not a good week

This week is one of those when things have not gone as good as one would like. WE all have them but upsetting when they occur. There's always next week.

In the meantime here is a memory from our trip to Lochinver inn August.

Photo of Lochinver from Culag Woods


Due to some pressing issues I had to delay the updated News and phot sections. Hopefully the next few days or so I will be able to catch up. I have even not looked at all the media taken on a break to the Highlands, now over three weeks ago. Looking forward to see them.


Still recovering from the long continuous drive at the weekend from Inverkirkaig, near Lochinver NW Highlands, back to Sedgefield. On top of that having the stress due to sorting out the cracked car windscreen that occurred during our break away and other issues at home. At the moment I have not had the time to look at closely all the video and photo work I shot last week. Time is the enemy at the moment.