Yes, November the 11th month of 2022. It is unbelievable, where has this year gone?
One thing I have completed today is October's Garden Bird count, listed below.


Day in garden

Continued in the garden this morning. Now starting tidying the right side, the north part of the garden. Again mainly ivy taking up significant amount of area and also fuchsia bush. Unbelievable amount of vegetation geared again. Now itchy and sneezing.


Started reducing the trees and bushes on the other side now. Thinking it would be easier than the first side, it has taken 3 days to trim ivy, fuchsia bush and others bushes just in one corner. Surprised how big they've grown.

Garden Waste


The south side of the garden trees are practically done now, finally finished on Friday. Also managed to deposit 3 full bags of cuttings to the tip. Unfortunately I have suffered and still recovering today. More photos to come but here is one before the start:



Due to procrastination, on my behalf, I am having to spend significant time that I did not wish to spend on working in the garden. I new trees and ivy was growing but since we had rain a few weeks ago it was rapidly increased. I have now decided to enter the jungle and drastically cut the trees, ivy and other plants back. Will take a couple of pics to demonstrate what's going on.

Garden Day

Have to tidy the garden this morning. Plenty to do, but due to the good weather we have, there is no excuse to at least attempt to make some inroads.

Photo: Monday Blue Tit at Hardwick



Most of the time yesterday and today has been spent in the garden, although due to the increase in temperature by 15:00 I had to go indoors. It must be in the low 30's at the moment while the forecast for tomorrow indicates it my real 37C.

Buddleia flourishing now but butterfly numbers is very disappointing just the odd small white. Plenty of insects collecting pollen including honey bees and hoverflies.

Garden Heat

Very warm today and the next three days it is expected to be even hotter. Morning walk took me to Hardwick Park and it was fairly busy. Photos to come later.

Back garden this afternoon saw the temperature climb. Bees looked laboured on the buddleia.


Although not planned today, due to circumstances in the flow rate I had to try to repair the garden pond and waterfall. During the night a power cut of a second or so saw the pump, as normal, reduce it's flow speed. No interaction saw it run as normal. Therefore a clean of the filter, pipe and a minimal amount of pond plant removal was required. Some progress has been made. Also found another newt.

Photo: no newt - water boatman.

Garden work

Weather so good today I have spent a much needed tidy of the garden. It has been neglected somewhat due to personal reasons but managed some inroads. Garden bin nearly full so tells it's own story.


Such a nice afternoon, a couple of hours in the overgrown garden. Yes, attracts the wildlife but at times looks messy. So started with the the lupins that are turning to seed, mainly because they are covered in greenfly. Unfortunately I also disturbed an ants nest while weeding and so feeling itchy now.
Photo: Greenflies