Birds are Birds

Garden birds, like the park birds on Monday, are busy either fighting, pairing, making nests or feeding. Yesterday afternoon a male sparrowhawk visited the garden. That made the garden quiet for an hour or so. Photo: Male Sparrowhawk yesterday afternoon.


Bird Count

1st March and the first day of Spring. So they say. Feels more like a late Autumnal day. Cold, wet and mainly cloudy. Bird count is in thought for February; click to see


Garden bird activity this morning seemed extremely busy today, especially the blackbirds. Immediately placing food saw the male blackbird at my feet. Goldfinches came in their group of eight along with the odd greenfinch and chaffinch.


Hardwick Birds

Spent nearly 3 hours at Hardwick this morning and covering nearly 5 miles. Bright, not ultra sunny, but sufficient enough for bird photos. Managed to see tufted duck pochard, nuthatch and water rail, plus the usual tits, blackbirds, robin and finches.
Photo: Nuthatch


Jan Bird Count

The January 2023 Garden Bird Count is now completed. Significant increase in blackbirds and a sharp drop in goldfinches from previous month.


2022 Bird Count

Managed to compile our monthly Garden Bird count for 2022. Click to enlarge.



Well it's the first day of winter so told and the temperature matches it. Unfortunately forecast looks even colder over the weekend. Regarding work, still editing Culag Woods film. On the final lap of the map I hope to insert.

November Garden Bird Count:


Forecast for today was a little improvement and warmer but it is still damp, cool and dull. Birds are still regularly visiting in their numbers, especially the goldfinches, but now a few more blackbirds have eventually arrived from the east.


Bird Nos. Dropped.

Weather today skies dark, raining and cold but not the reason for bird numbers low. Hardly a bird in sight this morning but this may be due to a dark patchy cat and visits by a sparrowhawk. Hopefully numbers will return.


Yes, November the 11th month of 2022. It is unbelievable, where has this year gone?
One thing I have completed today is October's Garden Bird count, listed below.