After the cracked windscreen suffered on our holiday in August at Inverkirkaig, today it eventually got replaced. Managed to get it replaced through LV with the work carried out by Autoglass, Darlington. Wipers also replaced. Had to pay a premium of £139. Seems to have completed well.



Started reducing the trees and bushes on the other side now. Thinking it would be easier than the first side, it has taken 3 days to trim ivy, fuchsia bush and others bushes just in one corner. Surprised how big they've grown.

Garden Waste


The south side of the garden trees are practically done now, finally finished on Friday. Also managed to deposit 3 full bags of cuttings to the tip. Unfortunately I have suffered and still recovering today. More photos to come but here is one before the start:



Due to procrastination, on my behalf, I am having to spend significant time that I did not wish to spend on working in the garden. I new trees and ivy was growing but since we had rain a few weeks ago it was rapidly increased. I have now decided to enter the jungle and drastically cut the trees, ivy and other plants back. Will take a couple of pics to demonstrate what's going on.


Due to some pressing issues I had to delay the updated News and phot sections. Hopefully the next few days or so I will be able to catch up. I have even not looked at all the media taken on a break to the Highlands, now over three weeks ago. Looking forward to see them.


Still recovering from the long continuous drive at the weekend from Inverkirkaig, near Lochinver NW Highlands, back to Sedgefield. On top of that having the stress due to sorting out the cracked car windscreen that occurred during our break away and other issues at home. At the moment I have not had the time to look at closely all the video and photo work I shot last week. Time is the enemy at the moment.