Forecast for today was a little improvement and warmer but it is still damp, cool and dull. Birds are still regularly visiting in their numbers, especially the goldfinches, but now a few more blackbirds have eventually arrived from the east.



So wet outside. Cold too. Yes another wet day considering we have had numerous days of wet weather apart from the odd one. Not great for walking so today, other than assignments to be done, will be a quiet one. Photo: Cormorants in the Mist (from the other day}


Freezing Fog

Out for a walk this morning, against a hard frost and some fog the first of this Autumn, before the big game this afternoon. Quiet out, possibly due to the weather. Unfortunately it looks the weather will remain all day. Cold tomorrow too.



Spent most of today, affect most of this past week, trying to put together, whether manipulate software or download an app, a clickable media social card. All to no avail. Now suffering including a headache.

Quiter Day

Appointment at the hospital today so overall a quiet day. Popped to Seaton Carew near Hartlepool at dinner time for an hour or so. A little walk along promenade watching the white horses lash the sand. Cold and breezy too. Photo: Seaton Carew Beach.



Awful weather today. Rained from 02:00 at least and still raining now. A few local roads struggling.


New Video Uploaded

New video uploaded - Hardwick Park Art - An Alternative View. Includes a number of photographs with 3D art added.
Links here: https://keithtennet.com/newvideo/ or https://keithtennet.com/Videowatch/

Bird Nos. Dropped.

Weather today skies dark, raining and cold but not the reason for bird numbers low. Hardly a bird in sight this morning but this may be due to a dark patchy cat and visits by a sparrowhawk. Hopefully numbers will return.


Decided, after returning from morning walk to Sainsbury's and Winterton, to do a bit of learning from all of the Adobe Tweets and Photo Tweets I have collected and not looked at over the last few months. Only over a hundred. It will keep me out of trouble.

Another Thursday

Teeside Park this morning and work, thinking mostly, this afternoon. Trying to motivate oneself but ideas today not becoming. Deciding to learn some tasks instead.
Photo: Canada Goose yesterday



A quick walk this morning to Winterton Church than Sainsbury's. Still damp but not cold. Rest of the day was supposed to be spent on the video but ended up catching up on the photos over the weekend and Monday. Below is the grey squirrel at Hardwick Park seen on Monday. Cute maybe but grey.



Cold morning, especially walking. A few dog walking and many bird watching. Decided to take the long lens today so I too photographed a number of birds. Have not looked as yet. Upload them tomorrow.
Photo Hardwick Park

Nice Morning

It was a very nice sunny morning although there was an early frost and walking was a bit cold. Over at Hardwick during my morning walk I noticed quite a few photographers. Whether it was a club day out I do not know.


Hardwick Walk

Walking round Hardwick Park this morning I was followed for a time by a robin. Unfortunately I had no bird food on me but it still kept up to me quite close.
Photo.: Robin



Yes, November the 11th month of 2022. It is unbelievable, where has this year gone?
One thing I have completed today is October's Garden Bird count, listed below.