Birds are Birds

Garden birds, like the park birds on Monday, are busy either fighting, pairing, making nests or feeding. Yesterday afternoon a male sparrowhawk visited the garden. That made the garden quiet for an hour or so. Photo: Male Sparrowhawk yesterday afternoon.


New Week

Midday on Friday visited High Mill, Alston. An 18th century property purchased by my friend and neighbour, that is going to go through a considerable amount of work. Eventually it will be a hub for artists and workshops. While there I took a number of photo's and video.
Today this morning, although Spring like but very cold, I stretched my legs and walked to Hardwick. Birds were seen in a process of pairing. Photo: swan's making a nest.


What happened?

Yet again, where has this week gone. Friday today but did we bypass the days Monday through Thursday? Unbelievable.


A quick walk this morning to the south side of East Park and back. Very strong breeze, cold at times but bright and sunny.

Plan this week was to work on online store but things have changed. Now continuing were left off last week with camera and stabiliser.


Although technically it is now spring I believe, for me it does not seem so. Yes the temperature at times is warmer than last week but nature, other than seeing yesterday blossom and bluebells in two places, has not as yet woke up. At least not here.


Seen signs of spring this morning during my walk. Low Hardwick to Hardwick Park. White blossom and some bluebells. A bit cloudy and not as warm as yesterday but not bad.



Taking time learning how to utilise a nimble with my video camera. Slow, hard, frustrating but will not give in and will persist. At least I have managed to balanced the gamble with the camera. Surprised how heavy the combination is though. Will have to do some weight training.

Weather & Work

A bit warmer first thing but starting to cool by midday. The coming week originally was forecast to be warmer but today the forecast has totally changed for colder temperatures with snow.

Working with Adobe Dimension; a link here

Cold Day 4

Slight covering of snow overnight but most gone by 10:00. The odd flicker of snow shower, if you can call it that, has showed its face now and again since. Now the forecast is for snow to fall between 18:00 to 10:00 on Friday. That will be wrong.

Cold Day 3

Another freezing day. Even restricted my walk at Teesside Park. No snow as yet but like yesterday, dry and sunny. At least Morrisons had the heating on …… if I went in.
Photo: Morrissons


Cold Day 2

So called spring is freezing. Looking more likely to worsen before getting any warmer. At least it stayed sunny and dry, so far, today. No snow either even though it was forecast during the weekend. Wrong again.

Cold Day

Walking over to Hardwick this morning was fairly cold. No snow as yet. It is forecast, possibly overnight or tomorrow. Quiet at Hardwick due more than likely to the cold weather.



A horrendous result yesterday. Ex Sunderland AFC manager, Alex Neil with his cheesy smile and now Stoke City manager, must have relished the result. A terrible 5:1 home defeat witnessed by an attendance of over 43,000 it was so bad, with 15 minutes to go only 3,000 left in the stadium. That was how bad it got.


New Short Film

Eventually finished the Hardwick Park 3D film. May now be able to start something else now. Click on photo below to see. Hopefully may get the video camera out now.


Bird Count

1st March and the first day of Spring. So they say. Feels more like a late Autumnal day. Cold, wet and mainly cloudy. Bird count is in thought for February; click to see