Starting to .........

………….. work on the photograph's and videos collected from last weeks working holiday in Inverkirkaig, Lochinver, NW Scotland. Should keep me out of trouble for a few weeks. After the long ride back home and the detours, due to accidents, we are still recovering.

Need another holiday.

Photo: road to Inverkirkaig.

Back Home

Back after a week away, the first holiday for six years. Our stay was just south of Lochinver, North West Highlands. Fairly close to home, fractionally under 400 miles.

Photos and video to come over the next few days.

Website News

Managed to finish the format I wanted to view and upload both photographs and video.

June's Weather

Well the weather so far for June is not ideal. Mainly cloudy with strong, very strong, breezes. Could class t as strong wind in fact. Not usually the weather this time of year. NW Scotland on the other hand has experienced hot temperatures for ten days up till Thursday, though now having the tail end of a tropical storm. Hopefully gets better. PHOTO: Robin

Website News

Well I have managed to upload the partially built working website. Not yet finished but most of the ground work is completed. I'm glad as it has drove me round the bend. Next couple of days I will upload a few of this weeks photographs.
Hopefully everything works.