Webside Update

Due to the wet weather the weekend is getting spent updating and modifying the website. Tidied the New Video page link to Twitter & Facebook plus Screenwatch and Videowatch pages. More modifying to be done before the end of the day.

Old River Tees

Made time this morning while while at Teesside Park to take the odd snap of Old River Tees that runs parallel with the Park. It was at low tide today and the number of trolleys visible in the river seems to have increased. Shame.

Walk round East Park Sedhgefield

On my morning walk one of many trees I pass is one that looks dead. I had not noticed that though it looks dead and full of woodworm it has fully leaved branches protruding through the top. There is a quote for that somewhere.

Horse Chestnut

Notice today during my morning walk the Horse Chestnut trees, positioned parallel along the road to Winterton estate, are looking stressed. Unsure wether it's due to the recent hot weather, lack of water or the HC Leaf Miner. All other tree species not effected.


A few weeks ago I would have accepted todays weather and temperature of 20C but now……… Yes, following the tropical heat we experienced a few days ago, I now miss it. Tomorrow is forcast to be warmer.

Cooling down.

On Tuesday Sedgefield saw record temperatures hitting 37C. Nice during the day but terrible trying to get to sleep. Today temperatures have dropped but comfortable at 19-21C. Few weeks ago we would have welcomed this but now, following temperatures above 30C during the past week, it seems cold.

Harvesting of East Park meadow fields took place over the weekend.


Most of the time yesterday and today has been spent in the garden, although due to the increase in temperature by 15:00 I had to go indoors. It must be in the low 30's at the moment while the forecast for tomorrow indicates it my real 37C.

Buddleia flourishing now but butterfly numbers is very disappointing just the odd small white. Plenty of insects collecting pollen including honey bees and hoverflies.

Garden Heat

Very warm today and the next three days it is expected to be even hotter. Morning walk took me to Hardwick Park and it was fairly busy. Photos to come later.

Back garden this afternoon saw the temperature climb. Bees looked laboured on the buddleia.


Although not planned today, due to circumstances in the flow rate I had to try to repair the garden pond and waterfall. During the night a power cut of a second or so saw the pump, as normal, reduce it's flow speed. No interaction saw it run as normal. Therefore a clean of the filter, pipe and a minimal amount of pond plant removal was required. Some progress has been made. Also found another newt.

Photo: no newt - water boatman.


Following a night of heat with little sleep, feeling slightly tired today. Brain therefore seems not working, resulting in little new ideas are processing. Maybe it will return tomorrow ……. I hope.


Another hot day so only cleaned the waterfall that was in desperate need. Still tired from gardening over the last two days. Maybe done too much. Drove the car for 30 minutes this morning, just to keep the brakes happy, and noticed the internal temperature read 37C. Definitely hot.

Garden work

Weather so good today I have spent a much needed tidy of the garden. It has been neglected somewhat due to personal reasons but managed some inroads. Garden bin nearly full so tells it's own story.


Such a nice afternoon, a couple of hours in the overgrown garden. Yes, attracts the wildlife but at times looks messy. So started with the the lupins that are turning to seed, mainly because they are covered in greenfly. Unfortunately I also disturbed an ants nest while weeding and so feeling itchy now.
Photo: Greenflies


Decided today not to go for my morning walk. So, straight in at the deep end and plan a couple of video's; one of Hardwick Park, the second NW Highlands.

Photo: East Park Weather - similar to today.


A bit breezy this morning but still decided to go for a walk. As most times the walk included Hardwick Park. All this time and I have not taken a picture of the Bishop Middleham Gate until today; photo extracted from the video I was taking.


Uploaded the Kirkaig Timelapse video this morning to Vimeo. A 8 hour night time period , just over 2 minutes long, during one of the longest days of the year.

Click here to view.

Inverkirkaig Pics

Still working through the media collected during last weeks break to Inverkirkaig, NW Highlands. In fact I'm still tidying up the photographs and as yet not touched the video footage.

Photo: Lochinver Inverkirkaig road.