A windy night and cold breezy morning. It was exactly a year tonight that some tiles were damaged following gale force winds and strong winds are forecast tonight too. Completed a circular walk round East Park this morning and by was it cold but at least sunny.


Damp Morning

A damp morning underfoot following rain during the early hours. Very muddy walking this morning but some surface ice still on the Serpentine Lake at Hardwick Park.

Photo: Hardwick Park:


Always Problems

I was once told once you start going to the doctors they will never let you go. I have found over the last three years that indeed this is true. Felt fine in November before a check up. Now due to the constant call backs I'm beginning to feel ill.


Slightly warmer this morning but a chill to that breeze. Walk first thing came across, I believe, to be a clump 'winter aconite' near Durham Road. Nice in the light. Now off to a doctor appointment for an MOT.
Working still on the Kirkaig video due to the complexity of the Raw footage. Getting their.
Photo: Winter Aconite



A bitterly cold walk to and from Hardwick Park, Sedgefield this morning. Annoying in a way, since last Wednesday, a forecast of warmer temperatures expected by the weekend and still as of today, Monday, it's colder. Unbelievable.
Photo Hardwick:



We win the Tees-Wear derby and what's more we deserve the win. Like the game earlier in the season at Boro, Sunderland AFC played the better but on that occasion we lost. This time SAFC won and deserved the win.


Film Editing

Continuing with the Inverkirkaig film footage. This film will, or hope to be, a quick test film, utilising the C70 camera footage and adding the 360R. Just to advertise the area and learn the tech at the same time.
Photo: Inverkirkaig


Another chilly day, especially during morning walk. Threatening skies but nothing materialised by 13:00.

Working on film shot during June & August in Inverkirkaig on Canon Video camera. First time used so learning at same time as processing required.


Lochinver Film

My new film of a walk I did back in August 2022 through Culag Woods, Lochinver, is now upload to the web. Click photo below:

CulagWoods Video

Film Editing

Busy morning but now ready to start, hopefully progressing to finish the Culag Woods video this afternoon.


After sorting out the web store I have started on finishing the Culag Woods film. I am hoping it will be finished by Monday.

It's Thursday

Yes it's Thursday and our visit to Teesside Park. Not too cold and it day stay dry. Dull though and while walking the ground was very wet especially overlooking Old River Tees. Although the tide was out the river was fast flowing and the water very discoloured. Possibly from the rain falling in the Dales.

Link here to video.

Cold Morning

Out for a walk early this morning mainly due to the weather. Not forecast but it was dry and relatively sunny but out, it was freezing in s strong wind. Spent only an hour outside, one due to the cold wind and how it was affecting me. It was quiet at Hardwick, not surprisingly. So cold and windy, plus it started to rain, I did not take any photos.

Hardwick Walk Morning

Cold morning with a fresh breeze, especially cold while walking. By the time I started to return the sun had risen a bit more and it looked better. Saying that the weather was better than I anticipated this morning. Out for walk early for me at 09:04 and although I decided I would return just over the hour, it was 10:50 & 3.8 miles later.
Hardwick this morning:


Online Store

After completing the updates to the main page and additions to portfolio website, today I prepare the online shop. Oh joy.


New Home Page

New Home Page has been improved and uploaded along with a new Portfolio. All photos, videos, designs, etc. are now all in one place and the weekly local Weeklywatch of photos and videos are on another page. Getting there. Only a shop page and keeping site up to date needs now to be done.

Typical January

Forced myself into the gloom of January to walk into the centre of Sedgefield to the barbers and make an appointment at the dentists. Also walked along the Beacon Lane too before returning home cold and a wind chaffed face.
Beacon Lane fields:


Teesside Park

Morning spent at Teesside Park again. Well it is Thursday. Found it fairly quite both in the quadrant and Morrisons. Walking round although dry there was a cold wind even though it was 10c.


2022 Bird Count

Managed to compile our monthly Garden Bird count for 2022. Click to enlarge.


New Web Site

Well it maybe a new year but working on website still continues. One change is I do know how I want it and it is now taking shape including a new portfolio; now uploading items. Link here

Happy New Year

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year 2023. Hope all your wishes materialise.