Took a walk after the rain stopped this morning and between the dark clouds flying past. Cold breeze but nice when the sun shone. Decided the route was the Net Park, on the perimeter of Sedgefield. Must admit for an industrial estate it is well thought out and well designed.



Garden bird activity this morning seemed extremely busy today, especially the blackbirds. Immediately placing food saw the male blackbird at my feet. Goldfinches came in their group of eight along with the odd greenfinch and chaffinch.



Well then it seems by the reports and the time I listened to the match last night, the 'Lads' were both leggy and ran out of ideas. Sunderland did not come to life until after 75% of the game had passed. Plus the same time Roberts and Hume came on as subs. Now we've dropped to 8th.


After Effects

Spent the last three days work still, mostly learning Apps. Still have not finished Hardwick Matter film but well on the way. Spent an hour this afternoon doing something different , cleaning an old photo and converting to colour.

Image B&W - Colour


After Effects

Unfortunately too busy and forgetting to update daily News. Will try not to forget in the future.

Still working with After Effects while at the same time learning the program. Possibly, like all Adobe Apps, I will , along with the majority, never fully learn everything.


Hardwick Birds

Spent nearly 3 hours at Hardwick this morning and covering nearly 5 miles. Bright, not ultra sunny, but sufficient enough for bird photos. Managed to see tufted duck pochard, nuthatch and water rail, plus the usual tits, blackbirds, robin and finches.
Photo: Nuthatch


Sunderland AFC

Forgot to put the outcome of yesterday's Sunderland's football result to the web. If you don't know it was 1:1 away to Millwall. A tough team and and even more ferocious even vicious home support, but a well deserved draw.


Messing About

Decided not to go out for a walk this morning. Aches from the other day so rather than force myself & not enjoy it, I decided to stay in. Although forecast was to be decent, wrong again, cool breeze & cloudy. Spent most of the day learning Adobe Apps. One result below - click to see GIF:


New Videos

Uploaded new Inverkirkaig video and an updated Inverkirkaig Timelapse video. Links below;


Jan Bird Count

The January 2023 Garden Bird Count is now completed. Significant increase in blackbirds and a sharp drop in goldfinches from previous month.