Back Home

Back home following a week away in Scotland, the same area we visited in June, Inverkirkaig 2.5 miles south of Lochinver. Beautiful area especially the coast line. Weather good, completed some walks, granted not too far but far for me it was. Very busy again especially the NC500 route and the road from Lochinver to Clachtoll ridiculous. For a single track road well some of the driving was ………. Pictures and video to come.

Hardwick Live 2022

A quick walk and vide round Hardwick Park this morning. Took a few video shots of the work carried out installing the Hardwick Live site ready for Friday.



Had a quick walk to Hardwick Park this morning. Did not stay long and it wasn't too busy either. Notice water level at The Serpentine section is fairly low and lowest I've seen it.


Annual Show

I went early and spent just over an hour at the show yesterday before the crowds starting grow. By the afternoon it looked really packed. Weather was hot again, possibly the first time in a long while the show had such good weather. Horse sections I found was down on entries this year and some of the farm animals looked low too. May possibly due to the heat.


Annual Show

A quick walk round Robert Brown Snowfield. Significant number of marques are now up ready for tomorrows Annual Show. If the weather remains as good tomorrow as it is today I expect it will be packed.

Day before Sedgefield Show 2022

Hot Day

Another hot day, even warmer than the last few days. Teesside Park this morning then spent time trying to capture film of butterflies but got a bit too hot for both me and the insects. Had to sit in shade most of the time.
Photo: Low river level Old River Tees.


Garden Day

Have to tidy the garden this morning. Plenty to do, but due to the good weather we have, there is no excuse to at least attempt to make some inroads.

Photo: Monday Blue Tit at Hardwick


Hardwick Park

Managed a morning walk, plus trying to start earlier than normal. Some success as Hardwick Park was quieter when I got there but picked up later. Light and colours great this morning too.


Store Day5

The basis of the store is starting to shape place and it looks okay with the Demo Store. Two things left are a little tidying up then adding stock.
Photo: Friday walk around Hardwick Park.


Store Day4

Managed last night to finally upload the Store onto the main web site. Hopefully anyway. Still, there is quite a lot to do.

This morning I walked to Hardwick with a plan to photograph birds. Unfortunately had to return earlier due me accidentally placing camera bag in goose poo.


Store Day 3

Still continuing with building online store and website. Popped to shops this morning and managed to walk down to the banks of the Old River Tees again. Tide in so looked better this morning.


Store Day2

I can see this taking a few more days before I can finish the basic format of my store. Took 6 weeks last year but hopefully, if I can remember how I managed then, it will not take as long.

Working on building Shop

Eventually I have decided to start building an online store. Will try at first to fully build one from scratch using resources I have and if that dose not work, will either go down the line of using Etsy or Ecwid software.

Website Problem Sorted

Managed to sort out the problem with a couple of odd pages not loading correctly during the last 24 hours. My fault with the code. Now just tidying up the News and Contact Form pages to match the rest of the web site. Happy times.