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I had to venture out this morning sol little time left for me to finish eBay store (gas related old stock) but should be finished by Friday.

Deja vue

Sorry for the delay in updating blog today. Yes, decided to continue today and finish uploading any redundant old stock I may have to eBay. Today pieces of Twin Wall Flue and a Flue Liner Kit. Old stuff so I doubt anyone will want it. We will see.


Still working with eBay

Still uploading info and pics to eBay relating to old found stock I have accumulated over the years, rather than ending up in the bin. Should be finished by the end of day.

Work with ebay.

Busy with eBay at the moment. Taking photos of heating components and adding them to eBay account to sell on their store. Shame to stick them in the bin.


By the end of yesterday I managed to unload waste, consisting mainly of cardboard and household window units at the recycle centre, plus household metal scarp at the scrap merchant. Then as the day got dark empty the remainder of the van contents, mainly rubbish again, before tea and before I froze.

This morning I continued emptying the van for a time before dinner and deciding to finish for the day due to the cold. Now going to have a long 5 minutes and warm up.


Decided to get rid of van so today spent getting rid of rubbish then tidying it up.


Snow! Well that was not forecast last night for this morning. An inch or more has fallen and lying this morning here and very, very cold too.

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