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Garage Day 15 - I think

Took my time yesterday in the garage and felt okay, so another day in today. Waiting a little due to the cold, freezing fog and dampness around.


Garage Day

Although not feeling like it I am going to work in the garage today for a few hours. Still relatively tired. The quicker its finished the more I can continue my other objectives.
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Having an additional restful day after a few weeks of are graft in the garage. A bit run down.

Garage rest day due to cold

Managed to install door handle and lock yesterday to the garage partition wall. Hopefully all the awkward work is now complete. It is taking a long time and at times tiresome, anxious and worrying. So, due to this, having the weekend off again and hopefully rest my aching limbs.

Garage Day 13

Had a 3.5 mile walk yesterday with no issues.

Today at home and may have a few hours back in the garage later. Very cold morning so may wait till temperature rises a little.

Day off.

Still not 100% so garage work out of bounds at the moment. Hopefully feel better tomorrow.

Walk no Garage

Decided to have time off from working in the garage due to so tired. Pushed myself to do a morning walk instead to Hardwick Park and back. Very cold morning again especially with a strong northerly breeze blowing.


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