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Drimnin Photo's

Completed a number of Drimnin holiday photo's and uploaded to web site. Link below. Now to find the time to make a film of the Drimnin area.


Holiday Blues

As I get older the after effects of a holiday really kicks in. More so now when you don't know where to start with all the photos and video that needs categorising and editing. So start but will get there.


Back From Holiday

Just back from a holiday in Scotland. First visit to a small cottage called The Lodge, on the west coast, eleven miles north of Lochaline. A fantastic remote spot that incorporates near silence and wildlife that included bank voles and a pine martin. Pictures to follow.


Back Home

Back home away after a few days in Inverkirkaig, North West Highlands. Weather was mainly good especially Saturday and Sunday. Rained a bit on Monday, distant thunder heard while at Durness. The rest of the week was a mix of sunshine, and the odd shower. A long drive home taking 13 hours even though it took 9 hours to get there. Odd, but a different way back.

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