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October 2023

Birds quite.

A mix of cloud, drizzle and sun but later this week some parts of the UK expected to receive heavy rain & gale force winds. Forecast indicate south to get the worst. Birds quite after a busy yesterday & morning. Change in weather?


Daily Film

Seen the las 2 days completing templates and learning still Premiere while editing Friday's quick walk video round East Park. Still successfully using the old Osmo camera and pleased too. Also updated Weeklywatch photos on time. Wk45 uploaded.


New Film

Rain again today. Not too bad yesterday managing to using my old DJI Osmo. Works better than my two other stabilise cameras. Quality better too so I have decided to use this while out. Edited and completed a film. Link below.


Sunny & cold

After two days of bad weather, although not as bad as Angus and the Midlands, today the blue sky appeared. Cold with a heavy frost this morning but at least no rain.


Sunny & Quiet

A quieter day though it is sunny but extremely cold. Past two days the heating has come home, switching on and off all morning due to the cold air.


Friday 13th

Cloudy, damp & drizzle. Forecast was supposed to be nice. Yesterday on the other hand was cloudy but it was glorious sunshine. Due to Friday 13th I'm doing very little. At least outside. Catching up while inside with computer stuff though. Plenty to do.


Not Warm

Weather man says we are to have extremely warm weather for this time of year. Wrong, at least in this part of the country. Freezing and I was not the only one wrapped up on a walk.



Flu & covid jabs yesterday. You'll be alright I'm told. Yes, still here but feeling lethargic and achy. So a quieter day but managed to make a little clip of the Drimnin pine-marten.


Updated Portfolio

After a number of problems on website portfolio, it is now rectified. Not sure how issues materialised but sorted.


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