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Managed to walk to Hardwick Park again this morning before the world nearly ended. Rolling thunder hit Sedgefield and the NE from midday with heavy rain. Lasted for some time before a break of sunshine but returned twice during the afternoon.
Photo: Ringlet Butterfly.



To clear my head, yesterday I had a walk round RSPB Saltholme. Breezy and at times cloudy but it kept dry. Fairly warm too when the sun appeared. Tried to capture dragonflies but due to the wind, not many around. In the process of looking through the photos now. Below: Meadow Brown butterfly Salthomle.


Quiet Reflection

Bit of a sad time. Yesterday saw the funeral of my best friend, so the reason I've been quiet recently. As people say, though hard, life goes on.


Having a restful day. Seems still suffering from last weeks drive & holiday. A holiday is supposed to refresh you. Does the opposite to us.
Photo; from yesterdays walk - a pyramidal orchard


Back To Normal?

Trying to get back to normal. Well it is a week now since coming back from NW Highlands. Forced myself yesterday and today to go for a walk in and around Hardwick Park. Both treks a decent one.
Photo: A breezy East Park


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